Hobby Horses
Terrier Race
Terrier race winner - I caught the hare and I'm going to keep it!


Hobby Horses

This year we are hosting another Hobby Horse Jumping Championship!

Come and join the new international craze of hobby horse competitions. Open to all for free and hobby horses provided if you don’t have your own. Keep an eye out for more chances to have a go.

Make your own Hobby Horse by following these simple guidelines and enter it in the Hobby Horse events! Or there will be some hobby horses available to borrow on the day.

Be sure to give your hobby horse a name!

Terrier Races

One of the highlights of the Show is the Terrier Race which takes place each day after the other events have finished, normally at around 4.30pm.

To enter your dog please register at the Orchard Arena with Chantal Roberts on the day. Please register in good time and definitely before 4pm. The entry fee is 50p.

All dogs are welcomed to join the event, not just terriers. Depending on the number of entrants there will be a series of heats and finals, separated into terrier and non-terrier classes.

The winners from each class then have a head-to-head final for the prestigious Bovis Trophy which is awarded to the supreme champion.

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